Several outlets including The Verge reported that 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers were posted as a downloadable database by so-far anonymous hackers.

“Snapchat is running and growing at the speed of sound, on a skeleton team, trying to make a big splash in the social market, so it’s unlikely it’s paid much attention to security,” says Steve Wilson, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

Phone numbers are important data for establishing identity at call centers, so they’re valuable to criminals in social-engineering attacks, Wilson says. A criminal with several data sets can use phone numbers to correlate user names to real names and other records, making it easier to assume real-world identities at banks, government agencies, employers and elsewhere.

Zack Fasel of consulting firm Urbane Security says the information found in this database could be used to target users through “malicious e-mails or ‘phishing’ text messages claiming to be from Snapchat.”

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