The Irish Data Protection Commissioner, who regulates online privacy for most of the world, is looking into Adobe’s mega-breach last year, in which the details of at least 38 million people were purloined by criminals.

The DPC is now investigating the massive Adobe theft, following “a number of complaints from British users”. It’s not clear yet what offense Adobe might have committed, though it would probably relate to not sufficiently securing user data. A spokeswoman for the DPC’s office told me on Wednesday that Adobe had reported the breach to it in line with the DPC’s code of practice.

Adobe revealed the breach to the public and the Irish DPC at the beginning of October 2013, saying that initial investigations suggested the attackers had made off with customer IDs and encrypted passwords, as well as the names, encrypted card details and other information relating to 2.9 million customers. Source code was also taken and, at the end of October, the company put the 38 million number on those IDs and passwords.

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