As many of you know the risk of being violated on the internet is at an all time high. How can this be possible?

1) Users are still opening emails from unknown sources and providing personal information in return (Phishing Scams)

2) Users are still going home daily and connecting to their network without any passwords. (Unsecured Home Network)

3) Users are still going to public facilities and joining unsecured public wifi.  While connected the access their social media websites, banking institutions and email accounts. (Maybe consider using VPN software)

4) Users are still using simple passwords. (Password Strength – complex pass-phrases are recommended)

5) Users are still using the same password with all of their accounts. (Password Security – Using different passwords or phrases is best. Please consider changing them on a frequent basis)

6) Users are still failing to protect devices or data (Data or Drive Encryption is recommended)

7) User are still failing to protect devices with reliable security software (Using items such as regularly updated Anti-Virus Software and Malware Protection Software.)

It all starts with the user. Spending a little time on the above items might be a game changer. I recommend doing so before your most sensitive data or financial information is out for the world to see.