Hacker Sells Secrets to the FBI and Gets 18 Months in Jail

5-Year Sentence for Copyright Infringement of Movies via the Internet

Hacker Sentenced to 10 years in Prison

Two Romanians Sentenced for Stealing $27.5 Million

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Massive data theft hits 40% of South Koreans

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Well many of talked about the possibility for the past several year.

Proofpoint said it documented the incidents between December 23 and January 6, which featured “waves of malicious email, typically sent in bursts of 100,000, three times per day, targeting enterprises and individuals worldwide”.

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We are very proud to announce our successful deployment of high definition security solutions aimed to assist the property owners, tenants and the Toledo Police Department.

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The Irish Data Protection Commissioner, who regulates online privacy for most of the world, is looking into Adobe’s mega-breach last year, in which the details of at least 38 million people were purloined by criminals.

The DPC is now investigating the massive Adobe theft, following “a number of complaints from British users”. It’s not clear yet what offense Adobe might have committed, though it would probably relate to not sufficiently securing user data. A spokeswoman for the DPC’s office told me on Wednesday that Adobe had reported the breach to it in line with the DPC’s code of practice.

Adobe revealed the breach to the public and the Irish DPC at the beginning of October 2013, saying that initial investigations suggested the attackers had made off with customer IDs and encrypted passwords, as well as the names, encrypted card details and other information relating to 2.9 million customers. Source code was also taken and, at the end of October, the company put the 38 million number on those IDs and passwords.

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Several outlets including The Verge reported that 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers were posted as a downloadable database by so-far anonymous hackers.

“Snapchat is running and growing at the speed of sound, on a skeleton team, trying to make a big splash in the social market, so it’s unlikely it’s paid much attention to security,” says Steve Wilson, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

Phone numbers are important data for establishing identity at call centers, so they’re valuable to criminals in social-engineering attacks, Wilson says. A criminal with several data sets can use phone numbers to correlate user names to real names and other records, making it easier to assume real-world identities at banks, government agencies, employers and elsewhere.

Zack Fasel of consulting firm Urbane Security says the information found in this database could be used to target users through “malicious e-mails or ‘phishing’ text messages claiming to be from Snapchat.”

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Arizona data breach impacts millions

The Arizona school district – which has about 265,000 students enrolled in courses annually in 10 community colleges – had to notify nearly 2.5 million students, former students, employees and vendors that hackers may have compromised their personal information in a data breach.



LivingSocial updated its password encryption method after the breach impacted more than 50 million users. Names, email addresses, dates of birth, and salted passwords were stolen.


Evernote resets 50 million passwords after hackers access user data

Hackers managed to breach its computer network and access some user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords.


Drupal Attack – Nearly one million accounts

The attack is believed to have exposed user names, country information, email addresses and cryptographically hashed passwords of almost a million users.


Schnucks Markets

The credit card data of more than 2 million customers of Schnucks Markets, a St. Louis area grocery store chain, was stolen by cybercriminals.



 A security vulnerability exposed the email addresses and telephone numbers of an estimated 6 million Facebook users.


Washington State Court System

As many as 160,000 Social Security numbers and one million driver’s license numbers were exposed after hackers infiltrated the website of the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).


Department Of Homeland Security

 Names, social security numbers and dates of birth of potentially thousands of employees.